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Work Started on Global city Project in Gurugram

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Work Started on Global city Project in Gurugram

The Haryana government is making significant strides in the development of the Global City project in Gurugram. This ambitious venture encompasses both residential and commercial spaces, complete with cutting-edge infrastructure. Currently, the government is actively engaged in Phase 1 of the project, targeting a completion date of December 2026. The financial commitment to this initial phase is substantial, amounting to ₹940 crore.

The extensive project spans a vast area of 1,000 acres along the Dwarka Expressway. The scope of the Global City project is multifaceted, encompassing commercial towers, offices, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, and even an integrated transportation system. This comprehensive development is part of a larger plan to reshape the urban landscape, injecting modernity and functionality into the region.

Development Progress and Cost Implications

In terms of development progress, Phase 1 involves essential infrastructure groundwork, covering 587 acres within the stipulated timeframe. Key components include the construction of roads, installation of electricity and water supply systems, and other foundational aspects. The allocated budget for Phase 1 is substantial, with an investment of ₹940 crore earmarked for these critical developmental efforts.

Geographical Extent and Key Facilities

The Global City project spans multiple sectors, including Sectors 36, 36B, 37, and 37B. Upon completion, it is poised to become a comprehensive urban center with a diverse array of facilities. The architectural landscape will feature commercial towers, offices, residential towers, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, and dedicated zones for innovation, start-ups, and incubation. Covering a substantial built-up area of 12 million square meters, the project also emphasizes green spaces, water bodies, and an internal mass rapid transportation system for enhanced connectivity.

Inception and Project Tender

The Global City project’s conceptualization dates back to 2019, and significant progress has been made since. The tender for the pivotal Phase 1 was awarded in September of the previous year. Over the last three years, the state government has actively promoted and marketed the project through various programs, both within the country and internationally. This concerted effort aligns with the vision of establishing the Global City as a landmark development, attracting attention and investments.

Infrastructure Development in Phase 1

The ongoing work in Phase 1 is dedicated to creating trunk infrastructure on 587 acres. The extensive scope of this phase includes the construction of 13 kilometers of internal roads, landscaping across 82 acres, a 26-kilometer-long stormwater drain network, a 11.96-kilometer potable water network, a 12-kilometer recycled water pipeline, and a 10-kilometer utility tunnel. The comprehensive nature of these infrastructure initiatives reflects a holistic approach to urban planning.

Yash Garg, the Managing Director of Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC), provided insights into the development process. He emphasized that major undertakings, such as shifting three high-tension power lines passing through the project site, are integral to the infrastructure blueprint. A tender has been awarded for the relocation of one such power line, with a deadline set for August 31 of the following year.

Operational and Maintenance Framework

HSIIDC plays a pivotal role in the operational and maintenance aspects of the Global City. Until December 31, 2033, HSIIDC will spearhead these responsibilities at no additional cost to the allottees. Post-2033, maintenance charges will be implemented, aligning with actual operation and maintenance costs and the proportional built-up area. This forward-looking approach ensures the sustained upkeep and functionality of the Global City in the years to come.

Augmentation of HSIIDC’s Working Capital

In tandem with the Global City project’s progress, the Haryana government has demonstrated its commitment by increasing HSIIDC’s working capital limit. The augmentation, amounting to ₹1,500 crore, is specifically designated for the development of infrastructure within the Global City and IMT Sohna. This financial injection underscores the government’s resolve to facilitate the comprehensive development of these ambitious projects.

In conclusion, the Global City project in Gurugram stands as a testament to the Haryana government’s commitment to transformative urban development. As the various phases unfold, the landscape of Gurugram is poised to undergo a significant metamorphosis. The integration of modern infrastructure, commercial spaces, and residential zones is a strategic endeavor aimed at fostering sustainable growth and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. The proactive approach, coupled with substantial investments, positions the Global City project as a landmark initiative that will redefine the urban fabric of Gurugram.

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