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Vignesh Shahane CEO of Ageas Federal Life Insurance has profound insights in the Realm of ROX.

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Vignesh Shahane CEO of Ageas Federal Life Insurance has profound insights in the Realm of ROX.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the third episode of 25 South’s special series, “Life’s True Value,” unravels the concept of Return on Experience (ROX) with industry luminary Vighnesh Shahane, the CEO of Ageas Federal Life Insurance. With over 25 years of expertise in finance, Mr. Shahane has steered Ageas Federal Life Insurance into the echelons of the top 10 insurance firms in the country. His unique approach, grounded in integrity and hard work, has provided him with profound insights into the realm of ROX.

Return on Experience (ROX): Ageas Federal Life Insurance Beyond Tangibles

ROX, as elucidated by Mr. Shahane, transcends the conventional notions of profitability and tangible returns. It encapsulates the essence of delivering an exceptional experience to customers, extending beyond the point of purchase. The concept holds relevance not only in the insurance sector but also across diverse industries such as banking, FMCG, and airlines. In the contemporary business landscape, ROX has emerged as a pivotal term, underlining the significance of crafting a holistic and gratifying experience for customers.

Living Spaces and ROX Besides Ageas Federal Life Insurance

Delving into the connection between ROX and living spaces, Mr. Shahane emphasises the pivotal role that one’s choice of residence plays in shaping personal and professional well-being. He contends that the quality of living spaces significantly influences an individual’s state of mind, ultimately impacting their performance at work. According to him, a living space should be characterised by brightness, airiness, and essential amenities to foster a positive mindset. For Mr. Shahane, a residence is more than an investment; it is a sanctuary where one needs to be in an optimal state of mind to excel.

Reflecting on his own preferences, Mr. Shahane underscores the importance of gated communities with excellent amenities. His personal living space incorporates specific features such as a meditation room, a workout area, bookshelves, and a recliner for afternoon naps – all contributing to his overall Return on Experience. He advocates occasional experiences that prioritize quality over quantity, emphasizing the profound impact of a well-crafted living environment.

Stress Management and Mindset as the CEO of Ageas Federal Life Insurance

Surprisingly, Mr. Shahane reveals that his current role as CEO of Ageas Federal Life Insurance has led to a reduction in stress compared to his pre-CEO days. He attributes this shift to having a competent and hardworking team that shoulders the responsibilities efficiently. The emphasis on teamwork, competent decision-making, and effective delegation has allowed him to maintain a relaxed and composed demeanour in his leadership role.

Mr. Shahane identifies his workout room, equipped with a treadmill and yoga mat, as his favourite spot in his living space. This area serves as a sanctuary that recharges his energy and sets the right tone for his mindset in just 15-20 minutes. He underscores that opulence is not a prerequisite for a great experience; functionality and purposeful design take precedence.

Life Lessons from Sportsmanship

Drawing parallels with his experience as a Ranji Trophy player, Mr. Shahane highlights the invaluable life lessons that sportsmanship imparts. The cricket field, according to him, has been a profound teacher, offering lessons that surpass those learned in boardrooms or classrooms. Encouraging youngsters to engage in team sports, he extols the virtues of open communication, engagement, and meritocracy – principles he has successfully integrated into his leadership style.

Transition in the Insurance Sector: ROI to ROX

Navigating into the intricacies of the insurance sector, Mr. Shahane elucidates the industry’s transition from Return on Investment (ROI) to Return on Experience (ROX). In an industry characterized by commoditization, where products and processes are often similar, the differentiation lies in the experience offered to customers, distributors, and employees. Mr. Shahane emphasizes that, in such a sector, ROX assumes paramount importance, dictating success and market positioning.

Reflecting on Ageas Federal Life Insurance’s journey, Mr. Shahane asserts that the company aspires to be an admired, profitable, and ethical entity rather than merely aiming for numerical supremacy. The focus extends beyond financial metrics to encompass customer experience, employee satisfaction, and shareholder value. He underscores the commitment to maintaining a balance across these diverse facets without compromising on any.

Parameters of Satisfaction: Employees, Customers, and Shareholders

When questioned about the parameters that drive satisfaction for employees, customers, and shareholders, Mr. Shahane provides a comprehensive perspective. For employees, engagement surveys are conducted to understand the level of employee engagement, contributing to Ageas Federal Life Insurance being consistently voted the best place to work. Customer experience is meticulously measured through Net Promoter Scores (NPS), assessing various touchpoints in the customer journey. The company’s progress is systematically tracked, aligning with their vision of being an entity that garners admiration across all stakeholder categories.

Living Spaces and Productivity: A Positive Nexus

In the concluding segment, Mr. Shahane delves into the relevance of living spaces in enhancing productivity. He contends that a positive experience at home directly influences an individual’s productivity, challenging the traditional necessity of physical offices in the era of remote work. With personal anecdotes from changing homes twice in a decade, he underscores the profound impact of home ambiance on individual productivity.

In summary, Mr. Vighnesh Shahane’s insights offer a profound understanding of Return on Experience (ROX) and its far-reaching impact on both professional and personal spheres. His journey exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between crafting customer-centric approaches in the finance sector and making informed choices about one’s living environment. As businesses continue to prioritize ROX in an era of evolving customer expectations and remote work dynamics, Mr. Shahane’s wisdom stands as a beacon for navigating the complexities of the contemporary business landscape.

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