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Rajiv Gandhi National Law University wins NHRC Moot Court Competition.

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Rajiv Gandhi National Law University wins NHRC Moot Court Competition.

Rajeev Gandhi National Law University clinched victory at the NHRC Moot Court Competition held at IP University, showcasing its prowess in legal acumen. The affiliated Fairfield Institute of Law, also under IP University, secured the runner-up position, demonstrating the collective excellence within the university’s legal ecosystem.

The NHRC Moot Court Competition, organized by the University School of Law & Legal Studies (USLLS) at IP University’s Dwarka campus, attracted around forty teams from prestigious law institutes across the country. The event spanned three days, fostering a dynamic platform for legal learning and exchange.

A distinguished panel, including legal luminaries such as Sushant Bali, Reeva Gugral, Shashank Garg, AOR Vishnukant, Prof. Anuk Vaksha, Prof. A. P. Singh, Dr. Zubair Ahmad Khan, and D. M. Shaktivel, adjudicated the competition’s winners based on their performances in the semi-final and final rounds. The presence of Justice Hari Shankar, Justice Girish Kathpalia, and Prof. Manoj Kumar Sinha added gravitas to the occasion, underscoring the significance of the competition.

Dean of USLLS, Prof. Queeny Pradhan, highlighted the event’s magnitude, emphasizing the active participation of forty teams from renowned law institutes across the nation. The NHRC Moot Court Competition, as a mega legal-learning event, provided a platform for aspiring legal minds to engage in spirited competition, enhancing their practical exposure to courtroom advocacy.

In his keynote address during the inaugural function, Prof. B. T. Kaul, former Director of the Delhi Judicial Academy, underscored the importance of lawyers embracing the challenge of pleading any legal matter. Drawing parallels with the American legal education system, Prof. Kaul commended the growing emphasis on Moot Court Competitions in Indian legal education, providing students with practical exposure to courtroom advocacy. He also emphasized the pivotal role of research in legal education and the obligation of legal professionals to extend assistance to the common people. The students and the team of Rajeev Gandhi National Law University felt enlightened at the the end of the function.

Rajeev Jain, Member of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and former Director of the Intelligence Bureau, stressed the significance of extensive reading, especially of facts and laws, for success in the legal profession. His insights during the inaugural day set the tone for the competition, encouraging participants to delve deeply into legal principles.

The theme of the Moot Court Competition, “Human Rights’ Issues Pertaining to Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Illegal Cross-Border Migrants,” added a layer of social relevance to the event. The competition provided a platform for participants to grapple with real-world legal challenges, contributing to their holistic development as future legal professionals.

Rajiv Gandhi National Law University Court Competition:

Rajeev Gandhi National Law University’s triumph in the NHRC Moot Court Competition reflects its commitment to excellence in legal education and showcases the exceptional talent nurtured within its academic ecosystem. The competition at IP University served as a testament to the university’s stature in the legal domain, providing a fertile ground for aspiring lawyers to hone their skills and showcase their legal prowess on a national platform.

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